Asthma Attacks

Ideal Steps To Defeat Asthma Attacks

Many conventional medical treatments for asthma only treat its symptoms and leave out its underlying causes. These medications are mainly steroids to decrease inflammation and make breathing easier. Treating symptoms and not cause is not a good approach to managing asthma. In this articles, we are going to discuss some of the ideal steps to defeat asthma.

1. Evaluating your diet

foodTo defeat asthma, you have no choice by to eat a healthy diet such a diet must comprise of whole grains, vegetables, fresh fruits, and fish. Fish should be your preferred form of animal protein because they are very rich in essential acids that help in reducing inflammation. Soy products, as well as raw seeds and nuts, are also good. Onions too are rich in anti-inflammatory chemicals specific to asthma and other respiratory inflammatory conditions. You must make them part of your diet.

Foods allergies cause some form of asthma. Food allergies often indicate that your digestive system is functioning poorly. As such, you could take digestive enzymes to help you in breaking down and using fats and proteins. To improve your digestive system, always eat your meals while sitting down and feeling peaceful. You must chew everything very well and avoid eating when you are upset or are on the run.

2. Evaluate you natural supplements

As an asthmatic, you should know that some supplements, such as magnesium, are more important for you than others. Magnesium helps in opening up your air passages to enable you to breathe with ease. Excess magnesium in your body can cause diarrhea. If you can take just what your bowel can tolerate, you will efficiently manage asthma.

3. Herbs and homeopathy

Using herbs can be a great way of recovering from an attack or even preventing future episodes. However, you should take caution never to use herbs when you are already under an acute attack. You should use them in preventing future episodes and for strengthening your lungs.

4. Aerobics

ei89egrg43erg43You need to exercise to expand your lungs since they need air. But first, you must check with you doctor to find out what is appropriate for your condition. You should adhere to the program the doctor sets up for you. Avoid rushing things or overdoing any exercise; just know that some form of exercise will be of great help to your condition.

You may have come across many remedies for asthma attacks, some of which are costly yet not effective. The above four are the ideal steps to defeat asthma by treating the real causes and not merely symptoms.