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What Is Magic Mushrooms and How Does It Work?

Magic mushrooms, also called toadstools, are a type of mushroom that contains psilocybin or psilocin. These drugs can cause hallucinations. Psilocybin powder is also available in capsules. Psilocybin mushrooms can be poisonous. Eating poisonous mushrooms and dmt and other shit like it can also endanger the liver. It is illegal to grow, sell or transport mushrooms. If caught, you can be fined or even imprisoned. Today, things have changed, and people are again talking about specific topics that were once considered taboo. It is possible that the same generation that popularized drugs can take advantage of their therapeutic potential.

Make You Feel Good

Magic mushrooms can cause a relaxing sensation that is comparable to the effects of marijuana in small doses. Like other hallucinogenic drugs, for example, LSD and peyote, magic mushrooms exert their effects primarily through neural pathways in the brain that utilize the neurotransmitter serotonin. Magic mushrooms specifically affect the brain’s prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for abstract thinking and thought analysis and plays an essential role in mood and perception.

Improves Brain Connectivity

neurons anatomy nerveThe compounds in psilocybin mushrooms may give users a sense of “mind-meld,” but in reality, the drug does just the opposite. Psilocybin increases brain connectivity after taking the magic mushrooms and once after taking a placebo. Brain connectivity maps showed that the drug could cause synchronization of brain activity between areas that are generally not connected. The researchers believe that this change in activity may explain the dreamlike state that many mushroom users experience after taking the drug.

Influencing Emotions

According to psychologists, magic mushrooms are one of the few things that can change an adult’s personality. People with open personalities are more creative, available to art, and appreciate new things and emotions. The effect of psilocybin on emotions could be the reason for this change. Many people describe mushroom trips as profound experiences. They claim to feel connected to the world and experience joy. These transcendental experiences seem to last.

Psychoactive Effects

The psychoactive effects of mushrooms and the hallucinations they produce are well known. People can experience, perceive, smell and even taste things that do not exist. Users claim they can hear colors and see sounds. For many, it is a highly euphoric and pleasurable experience. It is a way to relive memories, see them in a new light or a spiritually enriching experience for some. Some people are afraid of having a bad experience, which can be very dangerous.


Mushrooms can cause nausea after ingestion. However, the desired spiritual effect only occurs when this feeling disappears. Other effects are paranoia and nervousness. Due to the potency and quantity of the drug and the person’s expectations, mood, environment, and state of mind, the effect may vary from one use to another. Some trips may elicit pleasant feelings. Other feelings include frightening thoughts and fears, fear of insanity or death, or loss of control. Magic mushrooms can make it difficult for a person to distinguish between reality and imagination.


The Health Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

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With that being said, check out these several health benefits of using magic mushrooms:

Psychological Disorder Treatment

Smoking Addiction

Yes, despite the social scorn and disdain, magic mushrooms do possess several health benefits, even being used and researched as a viable treatment to specific diseases and conditions. One study has shown progress in patients that are suffering from smoking addiction to be fruitful in reducing their daily cigarette consumption through the introduction of magic mushrooms. Some have even surceased smoking and switched to shrooms instead. Researchers believe that other psychological problems like alcohol addiction, meth addiction, cocaine addiction, and even OCD can be treated as well by the usage of magic mushrooms.

Mental Health Treatment

Mental health problems like depression and anxiety have been the hottest subjects to be researched only from the sheer number of people who have developed them alone and have brought doctors and scientists to focus their attention on the matters. It has been proven that magic mushrooms contain psilocybin which is the active ingredient that serves as a powerful psychedelic like LSD or Acid that, when administered to patients suffering from anxiety and PTSD to be able to calm them down. Thus, more trials are expected to be conducted on the active compound to study their effects on mental health problems further.

Creativity Boost

The Beatles

The typical psychedelic products can boost creativity to a certain extent that is beneficial for our work and projects. The Beatles, for instance, have turned to the utilization of psychedelics to produce their legendary tunes. Some users of the compound have stated that the fungus can calm their nerves down and keep them level-headed by suppressing their egos so that they can think straight and be more productive and creative with the task at hand. This might be why many artists and songwriters have advocated the use of psychedelics even back in the 60s.

Final Words

Psychedelics and other drugs have long been scorned by society’s stigma, even being criminalized and supervised by the DEA for a long period. But finally, after their health and medical benefits reveal, the government has passed the farm bill to legalize them that caused psychedelic businesses to thrive. Big-name celebrities like Mike Tyson even own a cannabis farm. Who is there to say that psychedelics won’t be the next big legal drug business?