Understanding Down syndrome

Down syndrome or DS is a condition that affects young children. It is one ailment that no parent would want to live with. However, based on down syndrome news, it is with us, and when it manifests, the least you can do is to accept and act accordingly. As such, you need to learn and understand what causes it and the effects of this condition.

Facts to knowmolecule

Biologically, chromosomes are responsible for transmitting genetic information. These genetic features originate from the parents with a child having shared attributes from both parents. As the genes merge, there are instances when some genes are abnormally added. When these abnormal addition results, the child born is said to have down syndrome.


There is not medical explanation behind this abnormal addition. However, medical experts observe that most children born with DS are from mothers with over 35 years. As such, it recommended that such mothers should go for fetal tests to detect these abnormalities early enough.


A child born with Down syndrome has distinct features that can be identified by looking at its appearance. These children tend to have slanted eyes, flat face, small ears, large tongue and a single crease that runs along the middle of their palms.

Besides the physical attributes, children born with Down syndrome suffer from some medical conditions. Children suffering from DS have problems with eating with some of them having heart murmurs, cardiovascular infections, or even hearing problems. These youngsters also suffer from living retarded lives though most of them have normal abilities.

Dealing with DS

Down syndromeThe best way you can help a child suffering from Down syndrome is by enrolling him or her in an intervention program. Some specialists can help these kids lead ordinary lives. However, some of these children are forced to attend special schools with others leading ordinary lives. Initially, it was hard for a child with DS to make it into adulthood. However, depending on the severity of the ailment and the care accorded to them, these kids can lead longer and fruitful lives.

Down syndrome negatively affect the quality of life of any child. However, the only thing that can make this situation better is by supporting and helping your child cope with this situation. With care and support, you might be amazed to realize that some of these youngsters are the best people to live with.

Understanding Down syndrome